Kusa Cast – The Rise of Influencer Travellers: A New Dawn in Tourism

Kusa Cast – The Rise of Influencer Travellers: A New Dawn in Tourism

Welcome to Kusa Cast, where we interview some of the most influential people in tourism from around the world. In this episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Jordan Carlyle and Christen Puckett, two travelers from the USA who have embarked on an incredible journey to explore the world. Their social media following, under the handle @wheretonextyall,” has allowed them to document their experiences and inspire others to follow their dreams. In this thought-provoking article, we will delve into the main themes discussed in our conversation with Jordan and Christen, exploring the challenges and triumphs of their journey, the power of social media, and the impact of their travels on their own lives and the tourism industry as a whole.

The Journey Begins: Leaving the White Collar Dream

Jordan and Christen’s decision to leave their stable jobs and embark on a journey around the world was not an easy one. However, their shared passion for travel and the desire to experience new cultures ultimately led them to take the leap. As Jordan explains, “We both put our mind to it. We both were like, we want to do this, but a lot of people want to travel the world, right? But then we started with the Notes app and we started writing down the places that each of us wanted to go.” This initial step of creating a shared list of destinations set the stage for their grand adventure.

The Power of TikTok: From Novices to Influencers

While Jordan and Christen initially had limited experience with TikTok, the platform quickly became a central part of their journey. As they began posting videos of their travels, their following grew rapidly, with one video reaching an impressive 5 million views. Reflecting on their TikTok success, Jordan notes, “TikTok is such a quick, speed-to-market sort of platform… You can scroll for hours. You have that person who comes up and says, ‘Stop, take a break. You need to get off TikTok.'” The platform’s ability to captivate viewers with short, engaging videos allowed Jordan and Christen to share their experiences and connect with a global audience.

The Challenges of Full-Time Travel

While their journey may seem like a dream come true, Jordan and Christen have faced their fair share of challenges along the way. One of the most significant hurdles has been the lack of rest days. Constantly on the move and focused on creating content, they have neglected to prioritize self-care. Kristen admits, “We push our bodies to an extreme… We forget that we’re doing this full time and we need to allow ourselves to have two days off.” This lack of rest has taken a toll on their physical and mental well-being, highlighting the importance of balance and self-care in the world of full-time travel.

Embracing Cultural Experiences

One of the most rewarding aspects of Jordan and Christen’s journey has been the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures. They have made a conscious effort to connect with locals and learn from their experiences. As Jordan explains, “We try our best to ask questions. We try our best to learn from the actual locals there… getting out and experiencing new cultures, new people, talking to local citizens, it’s honestly just really eye-opening.” By embracing cultural experiences, they have gained a deeper understanding of the world and formed meaningful connections with people from all walks of life.

The Impact of Influencer Travelers

As influencers in the travel industry, Jordan and Christen have the power to shape the perceptions and decisions of their followers. Their ability to tell compelling stories and make their audience feel like they are part of the journey has resonated with many. Jordan shares, “We’re really good at storytelling, and that’s what people want to hear… A lot of people don’t like to travel, but they like to see it.” By sharing their experiences and offering practical advice, they have inspired others to pursue their own travel dreams.

The Future of Travel and Tourism

Jordan and Christen’s journey is a testament to the changing landscape of travel and tourism. The rise of influencer travellers like them has opened up new possibilities for both travelers and the industry as a whole. Their ability to connect with a global audience and share their experiences in real-time has the potential to shape the future of travel. As they continue their journey and explore new destinations, they are paving the way for a new era of travel, one that is driven by personal connections, storytelling, and the power of social media.

In conclusion, Jordan Carlyle and Christen Puckett’s journey around the world as influencer travelers has shed light on the transformative power of travel and the role of social media in shaping the tourism industry. Their ability to connect with a global audience, share their experiences, and inspire others has made them influential figures in the travel community. As they continue their journey, they will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the way we perceive and engage with travel. The rise of influencer travelers like Jordan and Christen marks a new dawn in tourism, one that is driven by personal connections, storytelling, and the power of social media.


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