Looking for UK Representation Companies?

If you are in need to promote your tourism business through a UK Representation company, then you can get in touch with Kusa Connect, based in the United Kingdom. We offer marketing and representation services to international companies in the tourism industry who are looking for UK representation companies in order to have a marketing advantage in the United Kingdom and European markets.

We offer in-person meetings and training on your behalf, social media post creation, creation of training presentations and webinars, NFT minting and guidance, podcasting interviews, and other tailor made services to suit the needs of your business.

Kusa Connect are proud members of ATTA.

Our Partners

With its unmistakeable mountain views, the award winning Val du Charron Wine and Leisure Estate is situated in the picturesque Bovlei, ten minutes from the town of Wellington and under an hour’s drive from Cape Town. With a history of winemaking dating back to 1699 Val du Charron’s wines are available worldwide but are best enjoyed surrounded by the vineyards themselves at one of the Estate’s restaurants or from your own balcony at the 4 star Guesthouse or 5 star Coach house suite.

Buffalo Safari Lodge in Uganda is located near the magical Kazinga channel, 1km off Kasese-Mbarara road. The resort lies in 25 private acres of wilderness, a serene environment full of spectacular flora and fauna – elephant, buffalo, hippo, warthog and many bird species, all at the glance of an eye. We have well experienced staff, eye-catching facilities, with a lounge that gives a spectacular view of the lodge privately owned Lake Rubirizi, Kazinga Channel River, and the world renown Queen Elizabeth Park.

The work of Wildtouch Tours & Travel based in Nairobi, leans towards opening minds through exploration and new experiences that ultimately leave an impression. This Destination Management Company’s desire is to inspire people through incredible life-changing travel experiences in East Africa. They offer quality and depth in variety, comfort, ease, convenience, and value in products and services. They work towards a hassle-free travel holiday, filled with the thrill of real indigenous experiences in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda.

Nebo Tours are one of the largest and best known Destination Management Companies in Jordan and the Middle East, providing tours to over 300 thousand satisfied travelers from all over the world, and working with the best partners in the Region. As third generation hospitality professionals with over 80 years in the hotel and hospitality industry, we provide travelers with unforgettable first- class tourist experiences throughout Jordan.

Welcome to the House of Safari, a safari DMC based in Maun, Botswana. Their goal is dedicating their experience and knowledge of their home to tailor-make the purest and most memorable safari experiences.  Their promise – to design bucket list worthy safari itineraries that will exceed expectations by always prioritising comfort, authenticity and adventure.

Pinnacle Africa is an exceptional logistics and leisure company that has been creating magical services to the very heart of Africa since 2008. Our services have involved arrangement of logistics services and safaris, to individual tourists, US Government Officials and a vast range of related logistical support in the whole of Africa.

The company does logistical support, event and safari management mainly in Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Cameroon, Niger, Senegal, Chad, Ghana, Gabon and Mauritania among other African countries.

So, what exactly do we mean by marketing and representation services?

Most importantly, today’s world has completely changed from the way business used to be done. In addition, your business needs a strong market presence in order to thrive, both online and in person. For instance, when was the last time you needed a service and didn’t turn to an online platform?

If you are a property or experience owner and are looking for UK representation companies, then Kusa Connect can be your partner in assisting you in the recovery from COVID-19. In addition, we will work with you to curate a personalised marketing and representation plan to suit your needs.

Firstly, the the main problem is trying to stand out above the crowd and being visible in a new world. Customised, targeted marketing services are a vital way that can be accomplished. Secondly, now that the world seems to be recovering from the global pandemic, having a strong presence on social media and in-person will show that you are moving with the times, and in tune with what the traveller of today is looking for.

The Problems We Solve:
  • You know how important marketing and UK representation is, and you would like to dedicate more time and resources to it. We help you do that.
  • Your clients in the UK & Europe would value in-person meetings and training again. We help you do that.
  • You need to get the right content to the right people. We help you do that.
  • With Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, YouTube, Vimeo, Clubhouse, LinkedIn, and various other social media platforms how do you manage it all? We help you do that.

Here’s how Kusa Connect hopes to solve these problems for you:

Your OptionsPremium EconomyBusiness ClassFirst Class
Complimentary Assessment of your marketing needs, clear strategy formation with set goals***
Creation of Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, LinkedIn posts***
Up to 60 seconds of promotional videos.
Longer videos on request
Custom QR Code creation with logos**
Representation in the UK:
In-person meetings, creation of presentations, training, exhibiting at trade shows, attending industry events, hosting events. Based on a customised agreement to suit your needs.
NFT Minting and Guidance*
Running Social Media Competitions*
Services are based on a tailor made quote to suit you needs and budget.

Kusa Connect Ltd is a registered company in the United Kingdom and acts as a UK Representation company for tourism companies around the world who are looking for an advantage in the UK market. If you would like to set up meeting to discuss your marketing and representation needs, please feel free to set up a meeting with our Director, Graeme Watson.