Kusa Global is a harmony of international brands in the tourism industry. uKusa means ‘a new dawn’ in certain African languages. We bring a new energy to represent tourism businesses as the world recovers.

Kusa Africa Travel Services is a DMC for Southern and East Africa.

Kusa Connect is our UK Representation company. We help international tourism businesses who are looking for an advantage in the UK and European Markets.

Kusa Global was founded by Graeme Watson, who is playing a role in the recovery of the tourism industry following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Graeme Watson, Founder of Kusa Global

A Bit of History

Before starting Kusa Africa Travel Services, Graeme looked for that one special word the symbolised how the tourism industry will rise again. Several lockdowns and travel bans almost brought tourism to a halt. The word Kusa is symbolic of the rising up again, and Graeme is a firm believer in the phrase “the rising tide raises all the ships”.

The story of Kusa Africa Travel Services begins in Durban, South Africa where the headquarters remain. Indeed, an expert team assisting you in the Southern and East Africa region. Graeme then opened Kusa Connect in the United Kingdom. He spotted the need to help tourism businesses from around the world have a representation advantage in the UK and Europe.

Thereafter, several different Kusa brands came to mind. It was then that Kusa Global was born. It is now known as a harmony of international tourism brands.

Working with a great time from all over the world, Kusa Global is expanding. We believe in tourism and the joy it gives to travellers. Especially to Africa!

If you need a DMC for Southern and East Africa, Kusa Africa is there to assist you. For a UK Representation company, contact us for Kusa Connect.