Welcome to Kusa Connect – a UK based tourism representation and marketing company. At Kusa Connect, we are dedicated to connecting international tourism businesses with the United Kingdom and Europe through representation and marketing services that give our clients an advantage in this key source market. As a member of ATTA, Kusa Connect offers a range of services that help tourism businesses navigate the complex landscape of the UK and European markets.

Our founder, Graeme Watson, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a background in tourism in the UK, South Africa and the USA, Graeme has sat on the Board of Directors of SATSA and was Chair of the SATSA KZN chapter.

Graeme’s vision for Kusa Connect is to drive tourism into Africa and beyond by focusing on the all-important connections that are integral in building long-term relationships. With a base in the UK, Graeme is able to work closely with his clients and partners to ensure that their needs are met and that their businesses thrive in the ever-changing tourism landscape.

If you have any questions or would like to contact Graeme, please email him at gw@kusaglobal.com. We look forward to connecting with you and helping your business thrive in the UK market.

Graeme Watson, Founder of Kusa Global

A Bit of History

During the pandemic, our founder Graeme Watson searched for a word that symbolized the resilience and determination of the tourism industry to rise again. Despite the challenges posed by multiple lockdowns and travel bans, Graeme never lost sight of the potential for the industry to recover and grow.

It was during this time that the word “Kusa” caught his attention. In many cultures, the word symbolises a rising up and a new dawn and Graeme is a firm believer in the phrase “the rising tide raises all ships.” This sentiment perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Kusa Global.

The story of Kusa Global begins in Durban, South Africa, where Graeme first recognised the need for international tourism businesses to have a representation advantage in the United Kingdom and Europe. With this goal in mind, Graeme decided to create a harmony of international tourism brands under the Kusa Global umbrella.

As Kusa Global continues to expand and grow, we remain steadfast in our belief in the power of tourism to bring joy and connection to people from all walks of life. We are proud to be a part of the industry’s resurgence and look forward to supporting our clients in their own rise to success.

The Emblem of Kusa Global explained

Graeme designed this emblem personally, and it holds a special place in his heart as it symbolises the struggles and triumphs he’s experienced over the least three years. A phoenix rising from the ashes is emblazoned on a Zulu shield, which represents both strength and protection for the bright future we envision.

Two majestic lions proudly hold up the shield, symbolising the support we all need as we navigate this journey together. We understand the importance of standing strong as a united force, just like these noble creatures, as we strive to revive tourism.

Our motto, “Unitum Nove Luce” (United in the new Dawn), hopefully resonates with the challenges faced by countless individuals in the tourism industry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sharing the story behind the emblem holds immense significance for Graeme. It’s a reminder that the tourism industry is a community of resilient individuals who’ve overcome immense obstacles.

By sharing our stories, we inspire and connect with one another on a deeper level, creating a sense of togetherness.

We firmly believe in the power of storytelling to bring people, places, and cultures closer. As we venture into a brighter future, let’s continue to share our narratives, uplift one another, and forge lasting connections.

Together, we can rise like a phoenix from the ashes and rebuild the tourism industry, stronger and more vibrant than ever before!