Before You Go: Why a VIN Check is Crucial for Travel Safety

There are a few more things that should be taken care of while planning a trip, be it for leisure or business. One of the things that people do not consider when planning a trip is carrying out a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check. This simple step can provide a wealth of information concerning the car’s history, condition, and safety features, which is crucial to a safe and smooth trip.

Get a taste of la belle vie with Ponant

In association with: Ponant Sail the seven seas on board Ponant’s sustainable small ships Nothing beats stepping on board a Ponant ship for the first time and being greeted with opulence at its finest. From 16-stateroom luxury yacht Le Ponant to its selection of cosy explorer vessels, Ponant has 13 ships and counting, with its … Continue reading Get a taste of la belle vie with Ponant →