Kusa Cast – An Interview with Zile de Kock

Kusa Cast – An Interview with Zile de Kock

Zile de Kock, executive marketing manager of Marine Dynamics, shares insights on how the tourism industry can adapt and survive during the COVID-19 pandemic. She discusses the impact of the pandemic on Marine Dynamics and how they have cut costs, expanded to Saudi Arabia, and offered specials for locals to sustain their business. Zile also emphasises the importance of conservation efforts, particularly in protecting the declining great white shark population, and urges the industry to prioritise it. Through attending tourism shows and making people aware of the significance of marine wildlife, Zile believes that companies can help protect the ocean ecosystem for generations to come. Join Zile as she shares her experiences and insights on the future of tourism in this engaging and informative podcast.

During the pandemic, Marine Dynamics had to cut costs, expand to Saudi Arabia and offer specials for locals. The tourism industry in South Africa, and globally, has been greatly impacted by COVID-19, but industry professionals have come together to support each other through the tough times. The friendships formed during the pandemic have strengthened the industry and made professionals more loyal to each other. They have also learned to prioritise each other’s health and well-being, checking in regularly and offering support.

One of the biggest challenges facing Marine Dynamics, a shark cage diving company, is the decline in marine wildlife, particularly the great white shark population. This is due to overfishing, pollution, and the hunting of sharks by orcas. Marine Dynamics has tried to protect the shores of South Africa through court cases and lobbying the government, but financial support is needed to continue these efforts.

Zile de Kock, a representative from Marine Dynamics, has traveled extensively to experience different whale watching and marine wildlife tours around the world to stay on top of the industry and offer the best experiences to customers. She believes that the main thing that needs to change in the world of tourism is more focus on conservation.

Zile will be attending various tourism shows, including WTM Africa and Indaba, and hopes to attend WTM in London and other shows. She believes that attending these shows is the only way to make people aware of sharks and what amazing species they are, and that we should protect them and look after the ocean and the sharks because it’s really important for the ecosystem.

To learn more about the conservation efforts of Marine Dynamics, click here.


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