Kusa Cast – A Conversation with Julie Cheetham

Kusa Cast – A Conversation with Julie Cheetham

Julie Cheetham, managing director and founding member of sustainability software platform Weeva, discusses how businesses in the tourism industry can become more sustainable. From understanding the importance of resourcing to learning tips on how to manage time efficiently, this podcast delves into the practical application of sustainability in the tourism industry. Listeners will also gain insights on government regulations, consumer behaviour, and how to implement sustainable practices. Tune in to get a unique perspective on how to navigate the industry with sustainability in mind!

Weeva was created in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to help the troubled tourism industry. Julie believes that sustainability needs to become a conversation among the mainstream, not just the super luxury lodges.

Weeva uses a balanced scorecard approach to sustainability which includes four main areas: commerce, conservation, community, and culture. These areas are further broken down into 18 measurable areas of impact, such as waste, energy, water, biodiversity, embodied carbon, customer satisfaction, supply chain analytics, and Weevanomics. Julie also emphasises the importance of resourcing for businesses in becoming more sustainable, as they often don’t have the money or time to dedicate to it.

Julie has adopted sustainable practices in her personal life, such as not buying clothing for six months of the year and eating less meat. She also suggests time blocking as an effective way to manage time. She recommends that those in the tourism industry act with utmost integrity and avoid exploitative or extractive practices.

The pandemic has taught Julie that she is more resilient than she thought and that it is important to make quick decisions. She also believes that governments are becoming more involved in the tourism industry, requiring reporting on energy usage, carbon footprint, and waste. Consumers are also now willing to pay more for environmentally and ethically sustainable products.

Julie is passionate about sharing the practical application of sustainability with others and emphasises that sustainability practitioners, lodge managers, head of housekeeping, and maintenance managers have a unique perspective on the topic. She encourages everyone to ‘enjoy the ride’ and embrace the life-affirming industry.

Finally, she highlights Weeva.earth, where hoteliers and property owners can start a 21-day trial of the Weeva platform. Once onboarded, they can create a profile and track their impact across 360 degrees of their business.

Tune in to get a unique perspective on how to navigate the industry with sustainability in mind!

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