Kusa Cast – A Podcast Interview with Olorato Ndlovu

Kusa Cast – A Podcast Interview with Olorato Ndlovu

House of Safari DMC, a tourism business based in Botswana, is taking the lead in promoting local suppliers who are making a difference in their community. Olorato Ndlovu, the managing director of House of Safari DMC, was recently interviewed on Kusa Cast, an influential podcast in the tourism industry. During the interview, Olorato discussed House of Safari DMC’s mandate to support suppliers who are actively giving back to the community. 

Olorato also highlighted the importance of conservation and anti-poaching efforts in Botswana, and discussed her recent fam (familiarization trip) for agents from the US, UK, Italy, and Romania. She also discussed the importance of patience and mentorship, especially for young people entering the tourism industry. 

For those looking to gain insight from Olorato’s experience, she recommends that they stay disciplined, consistent, and on top of trends. She also offered her support for foreign agents and tour operators who would like to have someone on the ground in Botswana to help them with bookings. She noted that this kind of support would not only help her business grow, but also allow her to direct funds towards other initiatives that can help the community. 

For more information on House of Safari DMC and what they can do for you, Olorato can be contacted at www.houseofsafaribw.com and info@houseofsafaribw.com.

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